Bitter Sweetheart (2007)

Li Na's evening publication is an Sweadish feature picture from 2007 and can be on the basis of the author and writer Emma Hamberg's autobiographical book of the same name. Find out more at

15-year-old Li-Na is at the ninth grade and resides in a terraced house or apartment with her family at Rödköping (socalled Dödköping). She's nevertheless invisibly, in experienced and contains her own virginity left. She wishes to alter this and has with the elderly Danne despite the fact that she does not enjoy himbut mostly to match with her pals, the handsome and hot Thea and the choice however armed Carro. Li Na is convinced Thea and also Carro are simply with her to appear compared to. Li Na is in love with Ivar, a newly moved seventh grader with crazy hair and Manchester pants who resides on a house boat with her family and that sings in a choir. Links provided . Li Na and Danne date and also possess awkward and work-related sexual efforts, however, Li-Na feels bashful, frigid, dumb and lonely.

Emma Hamberg's journal novel Li-Na's evening publication premiered in 2003. Her very own sanity was fraught up with adolescent stress, and also the picture can be just actually really a tribute to the bashful.

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